Monday, November 30, 2009

Post-Op Appointment

I literally just returned from my post-op appointment.  It went well!  They are really happy with my weight loss so far.  The doctor peeled off all my steri-strips, except those for my port incision, and said I can start using Mederma.  I also scheduled my first fill...not until December 28th!!!!  I'm going to die!!!!!

The doctor asked if I was having any problems and I told him about my starvation through the clear liquids.  He said I can advance my diet (which, as you all know, I already did on Saturday) to full liquids which includes thick soups, liquid eggs, watery oatmeal, etc.


Me said...

My fill is Jan 5, so no whining! :)

Except for soups, those things you listed are considered mushies at my doc's. Hmmm...oh well, we can do this!


cody said...

Really? I think my doc has a slight variation compared to anyone else. Full liquids to their practice = mushies. I think some places make patients do clear liquids, full liquids, mushies, then solid foods. Mine starts with (what most call) full liquids, then mushies, then solids. I started drinking protein shakes the day after my surgery!

About the fill...they tried to schedule it for January but I said, "No, Ma'am!" and they booked it a week earlier. Hahaha!

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