Sunday, November 29, 2009

9 Days Post Op

I got back from FL last night so I was finally able to step on the scale this morning. Down 9lb. since the 20th! I'm excited about that.

I also took myself off the clear liquids and started full liquids (i.e. mushies) yesterday. The clear liquids just weren't hacking it. I know it's a week early, but if I stayed on clear liquids, I would have had less weight loss or perhaps gained weight just to stop from being so freaking hungry!

The increase in hunger began about Wednesday...5 days post op. I think the swelling in my stomach was starting to subside so the liquids weren't taking as long to go in my stomach and just weren't staying in there.

Last night I purchased mashed potatoes from KFC, and hummus and liquid eggs from TJ's. The hummus is just what I needed.

Tomorrow is my post-op appointment. I anticipate they will be looking at my incisions (steri-strips came off one incision and really want to come off the rest) and will schedule my first fill! I hope it's before Christmas or I will be eating the house by then!


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