Sunday, November 15, 2009


Weekends are soooo hard for me in terms of eating correctly. I totally flubbed yesterday (and kind of this morning).

Yesterday I woke up craving carbs. Like, I would kill someone if I did not get something flour-based in my stomach immediately. I know myself and if I don't give in to the craving, I'm going to screw up even worse for the rest of the day. So, I went to McD's and got hot cakes. Felt much better.

I did better the rest of the day, except for last night. I had an oven pizza. Not all of it, not even half of it, but I did eat all of the cheese and pepperoni off of it. I was watching my favorite college football game of the year and was really craving pizza (we didn't win, btw, but came soooooo close). I can tell my stomach is shrinking already. Normally, I can eat a whole oven pizza no problem. Last night, I definitely could not and I really wasn't into the dough and crust. Anyway, so I effed up.

I know cheating is bad and, if done too horribly I run the risk of not being banded, but I'm not concerned about one day. Especially since many people don't have a pre-op at all and many do cheat just a smidge. I'm back on track today! Ready to finish strong and get my band. I can't believe it's just 5 short days away.

This morning I met my family at Waffle House for breakfast to say goodbye to my sister, niece, and my sister's fiance until Christmas. Everyone had HUGE portions and massive amounts of food. Not me! I had 2 eggs over medium and two sausage patties. It was PERFECT.

This week I'm looking forward to getting all my stuff together for being at the beach for 10 days, going to the gym to burn some extra fat, and maybe, just maybe an interview! Please keep your fingers crossed for me!



Amy W. said...

It is so weird that preop diets are all so different. My doc required 2 weeks of liquids, and he told me that once he got someone on the table and just sewed them right back up bc their was too much fat around their liver...he might have been telling me that to scare me though! It worked! But after surgery I was a little more naughty :)

cody said...

oh, i completely believe that story from your surgeon! i've seen the amount of fat in the abdomen from the videos i've seen of the surgeries on youtube. however, i've lost 11lb already and i know that people much larger than me are banded all the time. i'm really not trying to make excuses...i know i cheated and it wasn't good, but i'm back on track!!!!

kickingfatsazz said...

Good for you Cody for not beating yourself up for cheating! You are exactly right, you got right back on track and thats right matters! You go girl!

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