Monday, May 24, 2010

Hydrated & Ready to Rock!

So, I'm fully rehydrated since my issue last week. I gained back 3lb, but the dr. said he thought the scale would move up since I had so little fluid in me.

I made some turkey chili over the weekend and I think it would be wonderful, but I put too many crushed red pepper flakes in it! Spi-cy!

I have also found the most delicious mashed potatoes you can buy. Side note: I still have to eat very mushy foods at lunch. Popeye's Chicken! The gravy has bits of meat in it and it has a little kick to it. I highly recommend.

Did anyone catch the "Overweight in America" show that aired on CNBC last Monday? I thought it was excellent! It's a great look at the disease and what we need to do to reverse it.

So, I've had a delayed celebration of making it to Onederland. I didn't want to celebrate when it first showed on my scale bc I didn't know if it was real or not. Well, it's real. I've hit it and I'm so happy. It's amazing how one little number can really work you over psychologically. I love seeing that "1". I still have around 45lb. to go to my ULTIMATE goal and 35lb. to my original goal.

I changed my goal recently b/c I noticed that at under 200 I couldn't see myself the way I'd like to be at 165. I felt like at 155 I would be happier AND it's well into my "normal" range for BMI. 165 was at the very high end. I don't want to be close to being overweight anymore!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

What Would You Do?...

I need some advice, pls.

I have a male coworker who drives me insane. He's one of those people who jokes around all the time and thinks that everyone else likes to joke, too. A few other things he does that drives me nuts: 1. asks me a question, but never listens to the answer and asks that same question a few hours later 2. CONSTANTLY interrupts me (and anyone else) mid-conversation and doesn't just interrupt, realize he did it, and stop. No, no, he continues to interrupt as in he talks over me until I stop talking and 3. This is the big one. He constantly makes fun of the foods I eat.

3. is the big pisser for me. How do I handle this? How do I get him to stop? I've been bitchy and I've ignored him. Neither work. I pretty much went off on him yesterday calling him an idiot and told him to stop talking to me. He's still mad which is fine with me, but it's not realistic in a work environment where we have to constantly communicate.

Thoughts? Ideas? Anything??

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

NSV!! Clothes for the Sisterhood???

Great news! I'm officially a size 14!

I'd noticed a few pair of my work pants were getting big, but I've been so "out of it" since Friday that I didn't pay too much attention.

This a.m. I got dressed and felt like I was wearing MC Hammer pants! Soooo, I tried on a couple other pair...HAMMER PANTS! So I went shopping in my closet (b/c you know I keep smaller sizes from my skinnier days) and voila! The 14s fit!

So long, 16s!

Anyone interested in Ann Taylor slacks or an Ann Taylor suit? Size 16. Let me know if interested and I'll take some pictures!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Adjustment update...and letting the cat out of the bag!

One of the direct results of being overfilled for the last week was me going home early on Friday. Since I have moved up to NJ I've missed quite a few days of work due to "having a stomach virus."

I decided yesterday that I would tell my two supervisors what has truly been wrong with me. These are 2 guys. One is a mid 60's retired Colonel from the Army. The other is a guy about 10 years older than me. They both took the news really well and were happy I told them what the root of my "sickness" was because, apparently, they were beginning to get concerned for my health. So, not so bad telling them! However, I'm still not willing to tell people outside of my "circle of trust" about my band.

This morning I had the adjustment to remove fluid. Luckily, it only cost the flat $200 instead of $550. The surgeon didn't do it under floroscopy, he just did it in one of the patient rooms. Why can't they always do this???? I don't understand practices that refuse to do non-floroscopy fills!

Anyway, he took out .3 cc so now I'm at 5.9 cc. He almost only took out .2 cc, but I asked him to take out another .1 just to be safe.

I'm so happy to be drinking fluids and re-hydrating myself. This morning I weighed in at 197...that's 10lb down from exactly one week ago. I realize that some of that is from being dehydrated. So, I'm anxious to see what the scale does within the next few days.

Monday, May 17, 2010

I spoke too soon.

Getting an unfill tomorrow. SO FRUSTRATING!!!! But it has to be done.

I had the fill last Tuesday and he put in the .2 cc that he removed 2 months before (that puts me at 6.2 cc in a 10 cc band). The thing is, I think he should have only put in .1 cc because when he did it under floroscopy, only a little trickle of barium was going through. It looked too tight on the film, but he's the doctor / surgeon and I would hope he'd know what to look for. Obviously not.

I felt okay Tuesday - Thursday (was tight, but thought it was like how I am with every other adjustment...sensitive), but on Friday I was in Hell. I started having reflux in the night. I would sleep for 15 min then would wake up hacking and coughing with a mouth full of acid. Horrible. I can barely get any liquids down. The only way I get any liquid in is by sucking on ice chips. Hello, it's been SIX DAYS since my adjustment!!! I'm miserable, pure miserable.

So now I have to pay an additional $400 to fix this doctor's mistake. I am SO not made of money and this cannot become a habit.

I hate my employer for not electing bariatric coverage, I hate being self pay, I hate not being in ATL where MY DOCTOR is and where my adjustments are free.

I'm so frustrated. Really trying not to flip out on someone.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fills: A Catch 22

Fills are wonderful things, yet nightmares for me.

I'm one of those people who is extra sensitive to fills. Instead of being on 24 or 48 hrs of liquids post-fill, I'm on liquids for about a full week. Then, I sloooowly start adding in mushies. It's like going through the surgery all over again. It stinks because around day 3 I just want something solid in my tummy, but it's wonderful b/c this is the stage where I lose a ton of weight.

For example: it's been around 48 hours since my fill and I have already dropped 4.5 lb. I'm now no longer considered obese! I'm just 2.5 lb away from Onederland, as well! One might think that I'll gain some of this weight back when I start eating mushies & solids, but that's not so, my friends! It hasn't happened yet and I'm not about to start.

Tonight I'm going out with some girls and we're going to learn how to do the Hustle (Queue the music...). Fun times!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Biting the Bullet

Hello lovelies!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's and Future Mom's!

I hope you all have had a nice weekend! My butt has been planted on my couch and in my bed, except for a haircut and a shopping trip to Old Navy yesterday :) This is just the kind of weekend I like! Although, I do miss being with my Mom on Mother's Day, a little sad about that.

It has come to my attention (well, I've known it for weeks) that I need a fill. Remember, that since I moved from ATL (where I had surgery 5.5 mo. ago) I now have to pay RIDICULOUS amounts to get fills (as in $600 for each one). I have several options: 1. wait until I go back to ATL in mid June and get a free fill or 2. pay $600 and get one in NJ and schedule a free one when I go back to ATL in early August. When I say free, I mean that it's included in my one year of aftercare. So, that will be over on 11/20/10.

I have chosen option #2 and let me tell you why. Up here, fills are done under fluoroscopy so I feel like it will be a little more accurate. Also, if you look to the right, I have a goal of hitting 200 by Memorial Day. I am 6lb. away and cannot break this plateau! I've been here for about 6 weeks! And finally, if I get this fill now, it will be about 3 mo. when I go back to ATL and, in my head, I'm thinking I'll need a fill now.

I'm just ready to get back on the losing train again. I'm enjoying losing weight and seeing my body change, but this is not where I want to stay. I still have 41 lb. until goal so this journey is not over by a long shot.

So, I scheduled for a fill on Tuesday! Let's hope this jump starts me!