Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pre-Op Diet Day 5

I have been on the pre-op diet for 5 days and have lost 5lb already!

I've been hating the pre-op, but stepping on the scale and seeing results makes it all worth while. I crave carbs. I do.

Last night, however, I decided to stop by TJ's (Trader Joe's) and pick up delicious high-protein foods. I bought shrimp, salmon, Dr. Praeger's veggie burgers, and lean buffalo burgers. I'm hoping that maybe I just need some variety in my life!

Last night I had some of the shrimp. I prefer fresh, caught that day shrimp, but these will do in a pinch. Not too bad. Today, for lunch, I'm going to have a Dr. Praeger's Tex Mex burger...mmmmmmm. Can't wait!


Me said...

Food? Real food? I'm so jealous. I'm on day two of my 14 day pre-op diet, and I only get three shakes per day. UGH!

Hang in there - we can do this!


cody said...

I know. I am so fortunate that I can have real food. I would never be able to survive on 3 shakes a day. I'm on 2 meals and 3 shakes a day and I'm still hungry. So, 3 shakes a day only would just not cut it for me!

Good luck to you! You're right, we can do it!

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