Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pre-Op Appt and Pre-Op Diet Update

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday! I thought I would go in, listen to a group seminar, then go back and meet my surgeon. Not so! I filled out my pre-op paperwork, signed my life away, and was immediately called back to meet my surgeon, Dr. Hart. I had heard that Dr. Hart was a man of very few words and was not very personable. I found that to be completely false! He was awesome! I was able to fire off all my questions at him and he answered them just as I'd hoped. He gave me my prescriptions and sent me on my way. My surgery time was scheduled and it's not until freaking 3pm in the afternoon on a Friday! Geez!

I also started my pre-op diet on Monday. It's been fairly easy except dinner. My sister, her fiance, and my niece are in town. We've been gathering for dinner at my parents house each night and I made my mom aware of my dietary requirements. She has tried. She really has, but it's been so hard to watch them eat delicious bread and butter, salad, cheese, etc. when I have to eat plain lean meat and a veggie. I JUST WANT SOME BREAD AND BUTTER, DAMN IT! So, I'm going back to my house tonight. It's better to remove myself from the situation.

I'm getting excited, though. I took my pre-op weight and measurements the other day. I need to take a few "before" pics and I'll be set!


Amy W. said...

That is good to hear that you hit it off with you doc! That is so important! And it feels good to get some of your questions answered huh?

cody said...

It felt wonderful. I was so terrified after hearing negative things about his personality, but he was pretty great. Makes me feel really comfortable about him performing the procedure.

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