Tuesday, November 17, 2009

3 more days!

I'm getting so gosh darn excited. Surprisingly, I'm not nervous at all. Ask me again on Thursday evening, though.

Update on the pre-op diet: I hate it. Protein officially sucks unless it's in shake form. I received 5 samples from Chike nutrition and they are delicious! Otherwise, I hate meals. I basically eat to feel full, definitely not for taste.

I still really need to get my room in order. I don't want to have a lot to do when I get back from recouping at the beach. I need to finish my laundry, change my sheets, and clean / vacuum.

Last night I got my pain meds from the pharmacy. Is it bad when the people at Target Pharmacy know you by name? I think so. I'm hoping that changes over the next few months. I'm hoping that my prescriptions will be greatly reduced due to my weight loss.


Me said...

I'm so excited for you! 3 more days. I have 8.

I, too, am hating the pre-op diet. But now that I am almost officially half way done with it, I am seeing a small light at the end of the tunnel.

Hang in there!


Nicole said...

Wow only 3 days! I hope they are productive ones for you so that you can relax when you get back.

kickingfatsazz said...

You had three to go on Tuesday, does that mean Today is the Day? If so I will be praying for you! Have a wonderful Band day, and think Positive thoughts.

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