Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I was just reading up at LBT to get my daily inspiration and found a post from someone who was banded in early November who says they want to give up and get the LB taken out b/c they have only lost 12 lb in the 21 days post surgery.


Ridiculous is what I say about that poster.  If they wanted to just drop lbs as quickly as possible, they should have gone for the gastric bypass.  We are told that this is going to be a long, slow process.  That the band is a TOOL and not a quick fix. 

It simply amazes me that people are willing to give up so quick!  We want to lose weight at a healthy pace (it helps with the excess skin!  helloooooo).  Personally, I don't want to drop a lot of weight immediately.  I want it to be a slow but continous thing.

We have to stay positive and motivated, y'all!!!


Amy W. said...

I havent seen that post, but I have come across several like it. I think though that somehow...those people should not have passed the psych eval! I say that will all seriousness...not that they are crazy, but there are some serious issues there...or lack of education and failure from the doctors office. I also get a tad worried that those kind of posts are going to scare the newbies!

cody said...

I completely agree, Amy! I didn't have a psych eval since I'm self-pay, but I know that in the eval and the meeting with the nutritionist, they talk about how your body will change and tell you it's not going to be a speedy process and ask if you are prepared of it.

I just couldn't believe she posted that (I've never seen one, but that's mostly b/c I was only looking at pre-op before), but all the commentors were shocked, as well!

Heather said...

I've seen it too, though not that specific post. In my experience it seems to be only people at a certain stage in the process saying they want it undone. The first month or just more after surgery. I never really posted it, but week two, i was seriously thinking, wtf did i do to myself, i hate this. more regret than actually saying i'd go back, but someone with a different personality might have at the same time posted that thought. I was just not eating and was very emotional and raw and my perspective was colored. Now I'm extremely happy with the band.

In my web reading, I'm finding people getting frustrated now in those weeks before a fill too. When you can really eat still! If anything, I was relieved at that point. Like, wow, I can still be a "normal" person!


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