Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How I got to be fat...part 2.

Amy posted a blog about the eating habits that got her to her highest weight and posed the same question to her readers.  Here is my answer(s).

-I have been a binge eater all of my life.  I would eat and eat and eat until I felt like I would puke.  When the vomitatious feeling let up just a bit, I'd stuff my face even more.  I would make special trips to the grocery store just to get binge food: ice cream, pizza, cookies, candy / chocolate, and pre made foods.

-I ate in secret.  I have been a secret eater since about the age of 7 when I would come home from school and eat a whole box of cereal.  I'd then put the box back in the pantry so it looked like there was still cereal in there.  There wasn't.  I would also blame a lot of the secret eating on my dad.  If my mom asked if I had eaten all of the chocolate chips I'd give her a confused look and she'd say "Dad must have done it."  I wouldn't deny it.

-I would pack snacks for trips.  If I knew I was going to be around my mom on a vacation or trip to grandma's and she would scrutinize everything I ate, I'd pack a box of those delicious yet super fattening chocolate chip granola bars to eat when no one was around.  I'd also pack them if I were going somewhere with my thin friends who never got hungry.

-Fast food.  I <3'd value meals.  I would eat them for lunch, for snacks, for dinner, after a night of heavy drinking, etc.  Fast food is going to be a hard thing for me to give up.

-Eating super fast.  When I was actually hungry and I finally got food, I would eat so fast that I never gave my body time to register it was full.  This will be a challenge to stop, as well.

-Buying bags of chocolate and just sitting in front of the TV and eating it all.

-I hated (and still do hate) 95% of all vegetables.  My homecooked meals consisted of protein and starch / carb.  No veggies.

-Sauces.  I <3 condiments!  Buttermilk ranch, honey mustard, ketchup, tartar sauce, anything I can dip my food in, really.

So, those are my eating habits that lead me to get surgery.  It's funny that as I type these out, I see those that are still going to be a problem for me and those that I don't have to worry about so much anymore.


Amy W. said...

That is really good! I mean, it was a great description. I find it so SO interesting to hear everyone tell their secrets bc when I look at fellow bloggers I dont think they could have possibly been as bad as me. But most of us were :) I wonder what "outsiders" would think of all of our honesty. Would people say "See, thats why they were fat? if they would just have STOPPED that behavior...." But, it just is not that simple.

As a fellow fast fooder myself, I can tell you that I do not miss it. Every once in awhile maybe...but for the most part, even when you get just a little restriction, most fast food just wont work with the band. And thank god. So I hope you will be in the same boat.

I am not a huge veggie lover myself. basically I like corn, green beans, and peas. But the good thing are required to eat your protein first and eat your veggies next if you have room.

Great post!

cody said...

Thank you, m'dear!

Yes, it's so easy to say to someone that they should just stop with the destructive behavior, but it's so hard to do in reality. Food, for us, is an addiction. It's something we think about all day, every day wanting our next "fix."

That is what got us here...our addiction!

I'm looking forward to getting some restriction (I'm hoping my doctor will be as aggressive as yours was!) b/c right now I'm not doing so well at breaking the above habits. :(

Yana said...

Hi Cody,

This was really good to read. I'm going to make a similar posting soon...the binging, the secret eating, the packing food for trips...I was there!

Shrinking Mommy said...

i may just have to cut and paste your post onto my blog because you summarize my entire life with food...

thank you for being honest.

cody said...

feel free, ladies!!!

it's funny that i feel completely comfortable admitting these things on my blog, however i could NEVER admit these things to family or friends. it's the power of being in similar company, i guess, and knowing that many of you have been / are in my same shoes.

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