Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Last night I broke down and was craving meat.  I haven't had meat since before surgery!  So, dummy me went to BK and got a Whopper.  No soda, no fries, just a Whopper.  I came home, sat at the table, and took a bite.  Then, I took another and another.  I obviously didn't finish it, but realized very quickly that this was incredibly unsatisfying.  I didn't like the taste!  I was almost proud of myself. 

In super happy news, everyone knows I love my Auburn Tigers.  We are going to the Outback Bowl (New Year's Day bowl, what what!!!!) in Tampa.  Welllllll, I will be there!  I'm super excited about that.  One of my bffs lives in Orlando so I'll be celebrating NYE with her and friends and the next day we are trekking it to Tampa to see our amazing Tigers!!!!!


Shrinking Mommy said...

congrats on walking away from the whopper.

enjoy tampa!

kickingfatsazz said...

Sometimes we have to feed our hungers, but its nice to find out we can walk away too! Way to go!

Have Fun in Tampa!

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