Monday, December 7, 2009

Bad Cody!!!!

Yes, I have been bad.  I'm upset w/ myself, but I'm ready to work it out.

I usually weigh myself on Mondays, but not today, my friends.  I'm scared to look at the scale.  I have been eating a lot of junk, but atleast it's been in smaller quantities.  I also have not been eating just mushies.  I'm eating some solids.  NOT GOOD!  I don't want to stretch my pouch.

So, I'm back on the wagon today.  A prepackaged smoothie for breakfast, cottage cheese and a thinner soup for lunch, a snack of yogurt probably, and chili for dinner. 

The new tennis season also starts today.  Well, it doesn't start until January, but practices start tonight!  It's my mixed team so that means I'll play with boys!  Most are sooooo not attractive, but they are super fun.  So, I'm looking forward to getting my exercise tonight and have also printed out a few workouts from  Need to get BUFF!  Hahahaha.

Happy Monday, kids.  Stay positive and keep on keepin' on!!!


Heather said...

I've been scared to look at the scale too. But after tomorrow morning, no more denial! (mornings are when I weigh).


cody said...

i weighed in today...up 4 from my lowest since surgery. NOT GOOD. back on the wagon i go.

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