Saturday, January 30, 2010


Almost at 30lb lost! I'm so thrilled!

Food is still really tough for me. I'm not able to eat normal food or even a lot of band-friendly foods. However, I've noticed that as the day goes on, my band loosens.

I start each day with a hot cup of tea. After that, I drink my protein shake. Depending on how the shake goes down, I can tell how tight I'm going to be for the day.

I've been in training for the last day and a half. Thursday our catered lunch was Jason's Deli sandwiches, a few types of pasta salads and such, and cookies / deserts. I took two quarter sandwiches and just ate the turkey and ham off of them. That night we went to a really nice dinner and I ordered the Lobster (my absolute favorite protein on the planet). I was able to eat it! Not all of it, of course, but it went well! Yesterday we had a box lunch with sandwiches from Panera. My plan was to take the meat off like last time and just eat that. Yeah, that did not work. After sliming for about 5 min, jumping up and down, I was able to PB. Hallelujah!


Shrinking Mommy said...

congrats on the loss!

make sure you are getting your protein in! (nag, nag, nag)

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