Thursday, January 7, 2010

Previous Diets

What diets have you tried (and ultimately failed at) in the past? I'll list's a lot, hahaha.

-Weight Watchers (3x)
-Jenny Craig
-Zone Diet
-My own diet where I worked out 2 or 3x a day and ate only 500 calories
-Phentermine (2x) medical weight loss
-Body for Life
-Cabbage Soup Diet

I'm only 27...that's twelve diets!!!! Ridonkulous, if you ask me. I don't ever want to be on one again. Fo sho.


Amy W. said...

You know what. I have never done any of those. I have never tried WW or anything. I always just ate less and exercised. Once in high school I did do this one diet called Herbalife which consisted of taking stinky pills. But that's it. I always thought WW and stuff like that was just a gimick and if I applied myself I could lose the weight. Turns out I could and then I gained it all back plus a lot more!

Yana said...

the Scarsdale Diet
the eat-nothing-but-chicken-breasts- and green-vegetables diet
the low-carb and take supplements I had to buy from the diet counselor diet
the Dr who told me to take 2-1-2 pills throughout the day. This was college already, I think…I slept 1-2 hours per night with horrible nightmares.
the homeopath (male, in his seventies) who asked what was my favorite sexual position and recommended daily orgasms
Atkins plus Meridia, Xenical,Strattera, Ionomine (also known as Phentermine, one of the phens in phen-phen), Wellbutrin, and a few others I don’t remember (couples with various sleeping pills and anti-anxiety medications, cause the pills made me so jumpy)
Weight Watchers
seventy million sessions with trainers and at least a dozen gym memberships I never used…

…and I kept getting fatter. Some of these things worked, especially low carb diets combined with strong drugs. As soon as I weakened the regime, as soon as i stopped popping pills, as soon as I tried to have a normal life…it all came back.

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