Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Posted This Little Gem Last Night...

It's about my fill, my weight loss, some awesome new foods I've found, and my dog Manolo!!!! Check it out...


amarathontolose said...


My name is Steph - and I'm just starting a blog to talk about the same actually. I was titling my blog, It's a Marathon, not a sprint - and in doing so I researched to see if the name was already taken and happened upon your blog.

I read a couple of your recent posts - particularly on your binging habits- and it could have just as well been me writing it. I also desperately wanted to do weight loss surgery, but have no health insurance or funds to do so.

I'm 24 and starting what will be my last diet. Jenny Craig. My blog is at I'll follow you and I wish you the very best and good luck at achieving your goal!! I hope to see you reach it! You can totally do it!

Be well and Happy 2010!

cody said...

Hi, Steph.

Welcome! I was in a similar insurance did not cover the procedure, but I was so determine to have it that I chose to finance it. I pay about $330 a month and will pay it off in about 5 years.

Good luck to you! I've done Jenny Craig before. I lost the weight, but put it back on after I no longer bought the food. So just beware and prepare yourself to eat well after you get off the food!

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