Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Let's start with the big news...I'm moving! My company is transferring me to New Jersey and even more crazy is that I'm supposed to be there in 6 days! While that may not happen, I will be there by the 26th, just not moved in...I don't even have an apartment, yet! I'll probably commuting weekly for a few weeks, staying in a hotel M - F. I own my house in ATL so I have to rent that out and the challenge there will be to kick my current roommate out before her lease ends.

This past weekend I went to visit one of my very good friends who lives in NYC...however, not for long. He's moving home to Birmingham at the end of February. Anyway, we had a wonderful time!!! We walked and ate and drank. I did gain a few lbs. so that's no good, but I'm sure I could have gained much more had we not walked everywhere under the sun. One of my favorite meals was at Zarela where I got the world famous Arroz con Pollo. Another favorite restaurant was the brunch at Calle Ocho. They have a complimentary sangria bar with 8 different sangrias!!!! My favorite non-meal was the delicious hot chocolate from Jacques Torres (aka Mr. Chocolate). Best hot chocolate EVER. One thing I will say about NYC (and this could just be the North, in general. IDK) is that the service is the WORST EVER. Servers do not give a rats butt if they provide you with good service. Multiple times I had to go on a hunger strike in order to get my water glass refilled.

So now it's back to reality. I have to figure out this transfer thing. And I have to eat well. My next fill is on Thursday and I'm not so sure they will be happy with my progress. Since gaining a few lbs in NYC, I'm only down about 1 lb since my last fill. Boooooo.


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