Monday, May 24, 2010

Hydrated & Ready to Rock!

So, I'm fully rehydrated since my issue last week. I gained back 3lb, but the dr. said he thought the scale would move up since I had so little fluid in me.

I made some turkey chili over the weekend and I think it would be wonderful, but I put too many crushed red pepper flakes in it! Spi-cy!

I have also found the most delicious mashed potatoes you can buy. Side note: I still have to eat very mushy foods at lunch. Popeye's Chicken! The gravy has bits of meat in it and it has a little kick to it. I highly recommend.

Did anyone catch the "Overweight in America" show that aired on CNBC last Monday? I thought it was excellent! It's a great look at the disease and what we need to do to reverse it.

So, I've had a delayed celebration of making it to Onederland. I didn't want to celebrate when it first showed on my scale bc I didn't know if it was real or not. Well, it's real. I've hit it and I'm so happy. It's amazing how one little number can really work you over psychologically. I love seeing that "1". I still have around 45lb. to go to my ULTIMATE goal and 35lb. to my original goal.

I changed my goal recently b/c I noticed that at under 200 I couldn't see myself the way I'd like to be at 165. I felt like at 155 I would be happier AND it's well into my "normal" range for BMI. 165 was at the very high end. I don't want to be close to being overweight anymore!


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