Wednesday, May 19, 2010

NSV!! Clothes for the Sisterhood???

Great news! I'm officially a size 14!

I'd noticed a few pair of my work pants were getting big, but I've been so "out of it" since Friday that I didn't pay too much attention.

This a.m. I got dressed and felt like I was wearing MC Hammer pants! Soooo, I tried on a couple other pair...HAMMER PANTS! So I went shopping in my closet (b/c you know I keep smaller sizes from my skinnier days) and voila! The 14s fit!

So long, 16s!

Anyone interested in Ann Taylor slacks or an Ann Taylor suit? Size 16. Let me know if interested and I'll take some pictures!


Janice said...

14 is a lovely number!!! It feels good every time you go down in a size! Congrats!!!

cody said...

thanks! i never thought i'd be this happy to be a 14!

Jennifer said...

Oooo...I am!!! Hi Cody!

Suzi said...

I am at 16 now so would love to see what you have...I don't want to buy any work clothes while I am still on the way down! Thanks!!

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