Thursday, May 20, 2010

What Would You Do?...

I need some advice, pls.

I have a male coworker who drives me insane. He's one of those people who jokes around all the time and thinks that everyone else likes to joke, too. A few other things he does that drives me nuts: 1. asks me a question, but never listens to the answer and asks that same question a few hours later 2. CONSTANTLY interrupts me (and anyone else) mid-conversation and doesn't just interrupt, realize he did it, and stop. No, no, he continues to interrupt as in he talks over me until I stop talking and 3. This is the big one. He constantly makes fun of the foods I eat.

3. is the big pisser for me. How do I handle this? How do I get him to stop? I've been bitchy and I've ignored him. Neither work. I pretty much went off on him yesterday calling him an idiot and told him to stop talking to me. He's still mad which is fine with me, but it's not realistic in a work environment where we have to constantly communicate.

Thoughts? Ideas? Anything??


Catherine55 said...

Yes. Go and have a private talk with him and apologize for calling him an idiot. Then, tell him that you were reacting to a few things that he's been doing that bother you, and say that you should have just mentioned them rather than blowing up at him. Then, tell him the three things and ask him to stop. I'd start with no. 3.

Do all of this as nicely as you can. When you talk about no. 3, you can say something like "You may not realize it, but you often make fun of what I am eating. I am a private person, and I am trying to diet and improve my health, and it makes me very uncomfortable."

This guy may be too clueless to respond to this, but the one-on-one talk is pretty effective in most cases. He probably won't completely change, but if he's not doing these things maliciously, he will probably improve noticeably.

Good luck!

cody said...

what an excellent idea!!! so professional and right to the point. i'll try it!

Janice said...

I think Catherine said it all and said it beautifully!

I teach school and can't help finding the humor all the time. Hold up little signs whenever he talks to you with a variety of responses, "That is interesting?" "Really?"
"Seriously" "You are SO right" "Thanks for pointing that out." AND if none of Catherine's tips help, a sign that says "You truly are an IDIOT!" Humor always helps! Hang in there!
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Jennifer said...

Catherine is amazing! Great advice. Did it work?

cody said...

even better! he was moved to another client (not because of his work or professionalism, mostly due to client needs). so i have 3 wonderful months without him beginning next week!

and yes, catherine IS amazing :)

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