Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Let's Be Honest...

Got on the scale today, I'm now up 16lb from 4.5 weeks ago. Wow. Shame on me, right? I was hoping I'd never have to feel my pants be too tight or be unhappy in clothes that I have, but here I am. Back in this position.

The bad thing is I'm going on a cruise before I go back to my surgeon. So, it's pretty safe to say I'll prob. be up 20 freaking pounds by the time they add fluid back. UGH. UGH. UGH.

In positive news, I had a great weekend! On Friday one of the PMOs told me to work from home Monday and Tuesday. So, today is my first day in the office this week! 3 day week this week, 2 day week next week (then cruise!), then 3 day week when I get back. Not too shabby, right?

Thursday night I went out and had a good time. Was definitely hungover on Friday. Sunday I went to the Yankees game (barf. Go Braves!) and had a liiiiiittle too much to drink. There was a 2 hour rain delay so we went to a bar around the corner from the stadium. We met some boys, had some drinks, and generally enjoyed ourselves. Thank goodness I didn't have to come in to work on Monday.

My only complaint is some frustration I'm having with a friend. She's the one I generally go drink with. She's pretty. Typical beautiful blonde. However, I'm starting to get the "frenemy" vibe from her. Say some guy is giving me attention...she does everything in her power to have the attention switched from me to her. So frustrating. And then, she makes excuses for me because I'm from Georgia. Say someone says something not true that I believe (I'm slightly gullible, but mostly I pretend to be as a flirtation) and she's like, "Oh! Don't worry about her. She's from Georgia...she doesn't get it." And she says this to everyone. I may be Southern, honey, but I'm not an idiot. And at least I'm polite. You might want to try it. It will get you a lot further in life.

OK. I'm going to end this. I can't get my thoughts to come out right.


Jennifer said...

What the what? I'm having the same problem, but I don't have any excuse! Sorry you are up and your pants are tight. I can especially relate - I'm up 7 lbs. and had to go back to my 'fatter' pants this AM! UGH!
Sorry about your 'friend' too. Some people, ya know? I think she's JEALOUS! She knows you are beautiful and funny and smart.

kagead said...

Ugh on the "frenemy" and double ugh on your scale woes!! Hopefully a blogger award will be a bright spot. I nominated you so check out my blog to see it

Lil Lou said...

Dont feel ashamed, try and work out whats happening without blaming yourself. Write down some possible solutions. Can you get an appointment with the fill dr sooner? That friend, Hmmm, shes maybe seeing your progress and becoming a bit anxious/ jealous. I hope all goes well for you what ever you decide to do. I enjoy reading your blog.

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