Friday, July 16, 2010

Oh My! A Positive Post!

I thought I might shake things up a bit and write about something positive. I swear I'm really a super happy, positive person in real life. I just take my frustrations out on my blog so I sound like a sour-puss...I'm not!

Still struggling with having a near-empty band, but I'm making it. I've decided to stop stressing about it, live my life, and know that the weight will come off again. But I will tell you this...I cannot WAIT to get some fluid back in there!

Last night I went out with some girls to a super fancy restaurant here (the owners used to own the super fancy (overpriced) restaurant on the lake in the park in NYC) for a class in how to make certain drinks. Last night we learned how to make 3 types of Sangria: red, white, and blueberry (they do this each month...last month it was Gin). It was sooooo so so fun and I met a few new girls that I certainly plan to hang out with in next week! Def. got a little buzzed and stayed out much later than I had planned (thought I'd be home by 9pm...ha!)

Anyway, I really hope you all have a fabulous weekend. I plan on hanging by (and when I say by I mean in) the pool both days, maybe doing some LIGHT shopping, and turning over my DVR to the evil cable company. I got rid of cable, HBO (GOODBYE TRUE BLOOD!!!), and my DVR so save some money. :( Sometimes we have to do some painful things!


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