Monday, July 19, 2010

Homesickness: Possibly Averted?

Oh my...what a fab weekend! Probably the best since I've lived up here. Not only did I go out, have people over, and have fun, but I lost 2 of the pounds I've gained since having the fluid in my band taken out!

Friday night was super chill. I cleaned up a storm in my house. My house looks spotless...Or it did. Yesterday I noticed dog hair on the hardwoods. Ugh. The joys of pet ownership.

Saturday I ran errands, did a little shopping, and laid by the pool for a few hours. I was planning to pop a pizza in the oven and watch my Netflix that night, but one of the girls from Thursday texted me and invited me out with her and a few of the other girls. So off I went! We had such a good time. Hopped to a few bars and finally ended up at this really great bar that has a huuuuuge outdoor area. We chatted with some guys and one guy even bought me a drink. That hasn't happened in years. Stayed until after last call and ended up at home around 2 am.

Sunday was pool day. I was out by 11:30 and stayed out until 4! One of my friends from the night before came over so time flew by as we chatted and got some sun. It was really nice. I passed out at 9pm.

17 days until my cruise. I'm so excited about it. I'm also so excited that in 22 days, I get fluid put back in my band and I can get back on the right path.


Angie said...

so happy things are feeling better and more social!

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