Friday, July 9, 2010

BYOC - My 1st!

I have NEVER done a BYOC, but this one had a question I particularly liked so here we go:

1. Love or money? High salary or job satisfaction?

Love & job satisfaction. I currently have a job where I make a lot of money, but I hate it. I hate coming to work every day, I am not so fond of a few of my coworkers, and I'm really just not happy with what I do. It's not the company, it's the industry and it's the type of work I do. I am a perfect example of how money can't buy happiness. I want to do something I feel is fulfilling; something that I can look back at when I'm old or when I'm no longer in this world and know that I made a difference.

This has lead me to have a few lightbulbs go off in my head and I'm hoping to talk about some changes I plan to make...however don't expect me to talk about the changes anytime soon. It's going to take a while to come to fruition.

2. What is your favorite time of day?

Evening / night during the week and daytime during the weekend. On weekends you'll find me by the pool or playing tennis...two of my favorite hobbies. During the week, I really enjoy vegging out and watching mindless tv in the evenings.

3. My in-laws just had their wills done so it made me wonder this. Do you have a will? Did you tell anyone your wish to be kept alive or not?

I don't have a will. It's a given that if something were to happen to me, my parents get it all. I'm single, have no dependents, so mom & dad get everything.

My mom and I have spoken about our post-mortem wishes. She knows I want to be cremated and, due to the Terry Shiavo incident, they are also well aware that they should let me go if there is no hope of me getting better. No life support. It's how God made us.

4. Repeat question. Pick one thing for one day you'll do next week that aids in your physical or mental health.

Exercise for 7 hours a week!

5. Repeat questions. Make someone a superstar for a moment...whose comment or blog stuck with you this week and why.

I don't get an excess of comments (which is okay, I'm not so good at commenting on others blogs), but I did enjoy Band Groupie's comment earlier this week...turns out we're sisters in fills. She just had 2cc taken out, too, and is at 3.9cc like me!


-Grace- said...

These are great answers, Cody. I hope your job/life changes work out for the best- you deserve it!

Carmen said...

work sucks!!!! i wish i had a pool to hang out by! :-)

kagead said...

Hey Cody,
I just stumbled across your blog (and I am a big fan of the two stunning beauties who have commented before me!)

Just wanted to say hi and I'm going to go back to the beginning so I can get caught up on your journey. You are doing great!

cody said...

Hey gals...thanks for the comments!

kagead: thanks for following!

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