Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You've failed me, fellow bloggers...

Why did no one tell me that Biggest Loser started last night?? I watched Glee, but on the commercial breaks and after Glee was over, I watched Biggest Loser. I'm excited about this season! The one I'm rooting for now is Allie. She had a vertical gastric band put in 8 years ago and it just goes to show you that surgery isn't always the solution to your problems. You can't just get a band and hope that all your problems are solved. You have to change your eating and exercise habits, too!

Anyway, I haven't been blogging much, or even reading many posts because 90% of you are going to Chicago this weekend and you are driving me nuts with your posts!!!! I adore you all and know you are so excited so feel free to keep posting, but I'm probably not reading it ;)

In exactly 30 days I'm going back to Atlanta and in 33 days I get my fillllllll! Oh happy day. This will be my last fill before my 1 year of after-care runs out. Then, I'm going to have to pay for all adjustments, but I think it's only $125 so I can swing that with how infrequently I go back to Atlanta.

I haven't mentioned it because its slightly embarrassing, but I totally had to go buy new pants last weekend. 14s are just too tight. So, back to 16s I go :( I'm miserable, but now see just how helpful my band is and how much I really do need it.


Stephanie said...

I just saw your comment on Carmen's blog about who was the Gamma Phi...That's me!! My jersey was one of the few long sleeve things I had to wear and lord knows I'm proud to be a Gamma Phi! :)

Liz - Lizzle - Libby Lou said...

Hey sexy! I must say, I just love the name Cody for a chic! Please tell me that's your real name! :D

Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'm following you now!

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