Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I swear I'm not dead...

I'm just super busy! I'm currently working about 2 hours away so I commute 4 hours a day, each day. This is supposed to continue through the end of the year. Can't say I'm super happy about that.

I have some pictures from this past weekend that I need to post. It was super fun. I'll do it later this week, I swear.

Less than two weeks until I fly back to ATL and get my second fill since getting my (mostly) complete unfill. Hopefully this next fill will bring some restriction b/c the scale is not lookin' pretty. I'm up about 25lb since July 1. Yikes!

I have always been honest in this blog and I plan to continue hiding how much I've gained. My thought is that someone who is early in the banding process or is thinking about it might read my blog and see that it's not all roses all the time. Sometimes we struggle with the actual tool and regress a little bit, but (hopefully) we get it fixed and keep moving forward!!!!

Anyway, like I said, I'm not dead...just incredibly busy. I'll give a good update (with pictures!) soon.


Mary H. said...

Honesty is always appreciated :) I bet you'll be glad for that fill! Stinks that you have to come all the way back to ATL for it!

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