Monday, August 23, 2010


OK, so when I went back to get my fill on 8/9 it turned out that I had gained ~20lb in about 6 weeks. Bad, huh?

So, the NP told me that my goal needs to be to lose those 20lb by the time I come back in December for another fill.

Good news is, I've lost a few of the pounds. Bad news is that it's just not coming off all that easy and, to be honest, I understand why. I'm not working out like I should and my eating is not so great, still. Even though I'm at 4.9 cc, I really have very little restriction. I feel my band, but I don't get full when I should. Therefore, I continue to eat.

I totally know what I have to do, but the motivation is seriously lacking. Boo. And, since I live in a hotel 5 nights a week, eating healthy foods is a true chore. I have a microwave and a refrigerator, but no oven and I can't eat another Lean Cuisine even if you paid me $100.

ALSO, this really weird thing started about 3 weeks ago where I absolutely MUST have something sweet after a meal. It's like my body is craving it! So, I'm trying the SF FF pudding thing, but am getting pretty grossed out really quick. Any ideas?

Seacrest out!

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Band Groupie said...

Thanks for making me feel better about my gain LOL. I'm closely following how it goes (as you know, we were at the same unfill place). Hope that restriction kicks in for you! -BG

TJ said...

When I travel I spend a lot of time eating out. I tend to stick to places that I know I can get something that will a) fill me up and b) be lower in calories. That normally means I eat the same things almost every trip, but it works for me. More often than not it is some type of fish dish or the insides of a sandwich with steamed vegetables instead of fries. Those frozen dinner things lost their appeal many months ago. I would rather eat steamed fish every night out :)

As for the sweets. I tend to get those too especially when I travel. I typically get one fo the small things they have at the registar or in fancier places - a dish by the door (pre-wrapped of course). Things like 1 peppermint patty or dinner mints. I would rather buy single serving things when out instead of buying larger quanities and bring them home, but some things I have found I like are Skinny Cow ice creams (100-150 calories), those sugar free pudding Mousse cups, or something prepackaged in a 100 calorie serving.

Lil Lou said...

Its time for another fill, Ive been in this situation and once I had the fill I was back on track and loosing again.

cody said...

TJ - Great ideas, thanks! I bought some low sat. fat 100 cal packs last night.

Lil Lou - Yep, I'm aware. Unfortunately I'm in NJ and my surgeon is in ATL. Won't be back in ATL until Christmas.

BG - Yes! I've been keeping up with you! You've been more successful overall, I think, though. Good for you! I'll catch up with you one day!

Angela said...

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