Monday, June 28, 2010

Vacay Update!

I'm still mid-vacation...lucky me!

We were at the beach house last week and it was beautiful! No tar, no oil, no was fabulous! I'll share pics when I get back to NJ. I even went to a water park!

We came back to ATL yesterday and I went to my original surgeon's office. I spoke to the Nurse Practitioner and we talked about the problems I've had. She agreed that some fluid had to come out. So, she took out 2cc and that now leaves me at 3.9cc. Sooo, I'm pretty loose, but I think this is what my body needs to heal, especially from the reflux.

I'm at a new low, 192.8 (I left the ticker at 193 b/c I round up) so I finally passed that 70lb mark! 40lb more to go to my ULTIMATE goal. :)

I'll post more when I get back to NJ!


Band Groupie said...

Holy Cow! Just found you and listen to this...I just had 2cc's taken out and now have 3.9cc's in my band...too funny! Reflux is the pits, isn't it!!! Can't wait to follow more! -BG

I'm here:

cody said...

Wow!!! How crazy!

I'm jealous that yours waited to act up when you were at goal...I still have 40lb left :( I have gained weight in just over a week since having the fluid out, but most of that was my own sabotage...Here's to no more weight gain!

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