Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vacay and Oil Spill

Pretty much not related to the band.

I'm so excited! In a week and a half Manolo and I are driving back to ATL and immediately to my parents beach house in Panama City Beach, FL. My Lovie (niece) will even be there! Just me, mom, dad, and my Lovie (and Manolo, too). A week in FL and a week in ATL. That's two weeks of not dealing with my job and two weeks of being back in my beloved South.

I've been looking forward to this for MONTHS, but now it's different. Stupid oil spill. Stupid BP. Stupid stupid stupid (I'm boycotting BP, btw, and hope you are, too). I cry daily thinking of what we've done to the animals (dead oil-soaked dolphin, anyone?) and to the environment. I cry because I want to know why God would let this happen. I cry because I think of all the people who live 365 days a year at the beach and rely on tourism for their income. I cry b/c this affects my parents income. And, I cry b/c we've ruined my favorite place on Earth and it will take years and years to clean up and may still never be back to the way it was.

Enough rant.

I'm getting a new MacBook and a new iPhone.

There, I ended on a happy note.


-Grace- said...

I, too, am boycotting BP. I'm from MI so I totally understand the love of the water and the beach. A lot of our tourism depends on the lakes as well and all they provide for us. My heart breaks for the coastal regions affected.

I hope you have a great time(regardless of the stupid, irresponsible and greedy corporation that is BP)!

cody said...

Grace: Interesting you are from MI. I read an article that said that BP was caught 2x in the last few years dumping into Lake MI!!!

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