Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Food Ideas, Hair Loss, & GERD

I attempted to eat part of a burrito bowl from Chipotle today. Yeah, the 7/8ths that I didn't eat is still sitting right here next to me. Good news: I didn't PB and I was able to get some really quality bites of chicken. Bad news: Like I mentioned a sec ago, I barely ate 1/8th of it. $8.00 down the tube!

So, it got me thinking about food and how, lately, I've been eating slider foods b/c I'm terrified of PBing (which I often do). I was reading Lap Band Gal's blog and she listed a recipe for a pretty darn healthy custard (mmmm) and mentioned a website, Bariatric Eating, which has lots of great recipes! Now, realize that this website is geared more to the bypassers so you really need to do the nutritionals on the recipes (since they don't worry as much about fat), but a lot of the recipes are really great! What a wonderful resource!

What food can you eat that you don't have to worry about getting stuck / PBing that are nutritious? I'm thinking I'll make (not all at one time, mind you) some mashed "potatoes" aka cauliflower, a lean meat loaf (or maybe I'll make my dad make one when I'm home in two and a half weeks), rotisserie chicken, def. the custard, etc. What are veggies you can eat?

Also, I'm losing my hair. Bad. Clumps of it every time I touch my head and I really don't have a lot of hair to begin with. I know it means I'm protein deficient (hello! slider foods!) so I'm working on that, but meat really scares me for the PB factor.

Also, I've had the dreaded GERD ever since I was so tight this last time. I wake up in the middle of the night with a mouth full of acid and have to run to the sink to spit it out. It's disgusting. I started taking some Prilosec, but it's really not helping. I know I need to not eat or drink anything a few hours before bed, but this is when my band is loose(r) for the day and I can get in the liquids and calories I didn't earlier in the day.

Ugh. The price we pay.


McKayla said...

Aw man I love chipotle. It was my pre-band favorite place. But everything is so size HUGE so now i tend to let my boyfriend eat the rest of what I cant eat.

Make sure you get lots of protein to help with your hair. I also take biotin to help with it. Im scared of losing my hair, if that happens im going to be bald. =(

stardustic said...

Sorry to hear about the hair loss! In order to get more protein that does not make you PB maybe you should add a protein shake with protein powder, greek yogurt, some berries and flax seeds... even though they are not really the best choice but they are more beneficial than the slider foods.

I eat a lot of fish... wild salmon, fillet of sole, soft broccoli with garlic, tomatoes with chopped spinach on top and a thin slice of fresh mozzarella melted in the oven.... Sauteed spinach (chopped) with garlic, peas, etc. and I also make a huge pot of Chilli once a month and freeze it in 1 cup containers. They are a great source of protein and are very easy to warm up in the microwave.

Best of luck!

Jennifer said...

Sorry you are going through all of that Cody! What a pain in the you know what. I can always eat Tilapia, steamed summer squash, tortilla soup and chili. Those are my go-to foods when I'm tight. To get in protein, I have to sometimes resort to protein drinks although that is always a last resort for me. UGH.
I also have been through 2-3 periods of losing hair like crazy. I'm pretty sure mine wasn't because I was protein deficient, (because It also happened to me when I was on a high protein diet pre-band) but from weight loss in general and the surgery.
I hope you get some relief very soon!

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