Thursday, July 16, 2009

Diagnostic Appt.

So today I went to my surgeon's office and had my first round of tests run. Because my insurance will not be covering the procedure, I have to jump through many fewer hoops than the average potential bander.

I arrived, gave the nurse my packet of paper work, we went back and they took my height and weight. I came in at 252lb and 5'9". Next, I had my waist and neck measured. They came in at 39" and 15", respectively. Next, I met with the Nurse Practitioner who went over my medical history and performed a light physical (lungs, heart, ears, eyes, etc.). Then, the Exercise Physiologist came in and did my EKG. It came out normal so no stress test for me! Finally, they took some blood.

Then, I met with the Lap-Band Advocate (who did the seminar) and we discussed additional testing, potential surgery dates, and financing. Basically, the only testing I have left to do is an upper GI / chest x-ray and meeting with a dietician. I'm actually getting the upper GI / chest x-ray done tomorrow morning. They will be looking to see if I have a hiatal hernia. I haven't scheduled meeting the dietician, but will.

As for surgery dates, she asked if I would like to do it in a few weeks, but to be honest, I can't. I recently started a new job so I must build up some days to take off. Also, I'd like to save a little more money before having to finance. Also, I have so much going on within the next few months. I just can't slow down for 2-4 weeks. So, my tentative date is 11/20. If, for some reason, that date falls through, I'll do it one of the last few Friday's in October.

I'm really excited and can't wait for it to actually happen so I can get this MARATHON underway!


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