Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Big (fat) Failure!

OK, not really ;)

I didn't follow day 1 of the pouch test to a T. I tried, really I did, but just drinking protein drinks and other liquids is HARD when you are starving and have a mostly empty band. So, I ate solids, but ate mostly protein! I figured that was a good modification.

Woke up this morning and I'm down 1lb from yesterday. That could be because I'm watching what I'm eating or could just be natural fluctuations.

Weird thing going on with my body, though. I'm on the pill, but I take the kind where you only get your period 4x a year. I still have another month left on my pack before I get my period, but I started spotting last night and I feel very bloated and have cramps. I'm so frustrated. Why am I getting my period if I'm not supposed to get it for another month?!?! Sorry if that's TMI!


Kristen said...

Yay!! Im so glad I found another Auburn grad and someone who is obsessed with Auburn football just like me! And dont worry about the pouch test! Hey at least you tried it...that is more than most people can say. I plan to start it this Thursday so we will see how that goes! Are you going to anymore Auburn games? We are going to all of them except for Alabama...its gonna be a fun rest of the season (hopefully!!)

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