Monday, February 15, 2010

Weight Loss & Fill

I returned from helping my family w/ my Gramma's death on Thursday. My cousin drove me back and my parents stayed until Saturday. It's sooooo hard to be on a road trip with someone who doesn't know about your Lap Band. Normally, the drive is about 8 hours, but my cousin has a 3 year old, so it was closer to 10 for us. Therefore, we had to get fast food. I've noticed the most band-friendly fast food for me is either Taco Bell or Chickfila. I don't eat it often, but when I have to, those are the places I go. So, I was really hoping for Chickfila, but no dice. Not even a Taco Bell where we pulled off. So I ate Sonic and when I say ate, I mean I grazed. It wasn't going down well, but I was okay with that. It worked.

So, I was really afraid that I would gain weight over the week because a. my Gramma ate HORRIBLY (one of the reasons she passed) and b. what was in the house was rotten so we had to rely on what people brought over (which wasn't much, btw). So, we ate out or ate what people brought over and I was dreading getting on the scale when I got back.

However, I was pleasantly surprised! Not only did I NOT gain weight, but I LOST. I lost 3lb. I've now met another goal and have now lost a total of 34lb in under 3 mo. I'm at 230!

I'm getting a fill this morning and I'm a little concerned they will be conservative with this one since I've lost so much. My argument is going to be that I'm moving and won't have a surgeon there so I need a good fill. I'm hoping for 1.6cc (that will put me at 7 cc total in my 10cc band).


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