Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Football and Assholes

So, it's football season and I am a college football addict. It's insane. My Saturdays are planned around which games are on and, specifically, when Auburn (my alma mater) plays.

The other weekend we played Tennessee in Knoxville and I went to the game! My BFF, who lives in Orlando, has wonderful parents who just moved to outside the Knoxville area. So, we were able to crash with them (I promise this post has a weight related point...just hang in there!) I got in Friday night and Saturday morning her parents drove us to campus because they didn't want us driving after partying all day (a legitimate concern since we had 8 solid hours of tailgating to do).

So, we won the game! It was a great win and we were 5-0! Afterward, my BFF and I were waiting in a parking lot for her parents to get there to pick us up and some redneck guys in a pickup truck drove up to the stop light by us. They looked at us and yelled, "Boooo! Auburn sucks!" So, I said, "Get over it! You lost!" and one of the guys looks at me and says "F*** you, fat bitch!" It hurt. It really hurt. I mean, I understand he had nothing else to say so he decided to degrade me based on my weight whereas I could have degraded him based on his hillbilly upbringing, but I didn't. Luckily, my 90lb BFF stood up for me, as I was speechless with tears in my eyes and she said, "GO F*** YOURSELF, ASSHOLE!!" and proceeded to give him "the finger." Love that girl.

This is one of those instances brought on by my appearance that I will never forget. There have been many in my life, but this is the most recent. And, to me, it's so sad that my NINETY POUND BFF had to stand up for me because I couldn't do it myself. On top of that, I'm so ashamed of the way I look that I couldn't even say anything.

I wanted to make sure I blogged about this because I never want to forget it. I want it to be motivation for me to change and for it to NEVER happen again. And when someone talks crap to me, I can talk crap back and my weight won't be their comeback.


Amy W. said...

Hi Cody! Thanks for leaving a comment on my I found yours! I am sorry that happened to is one of those things where you cant think of anything quick and burning to say back, but you think of a million good comebacks later. But...who gives a shit about some random asshole ya know? He means nothing to try not to let his stupid words mean something! Your surgery date will come soon enough and your life is about to change. For the better!

cody said...

it's true...he does mean nothing! however, this moment in time just brings back all the times i've been made fun of for being the fat girl or the like. it's something i don't want to experience again. i think its so hard for people to understand how horrible it feels to be made fun of for your weight. not much feels worse! but, i'm ready to never deal with it again!

thanks, amy!

Lap Band It said...

F@%K That County Mother F%#@ker. If I was there I me and ur skinny BFF would have kicked his country ass.... I hate people like that!!!!!!

cody said...

It was ridiculous, LBIG (thats the new name I'm giving you). I still can't decide what upset me more about it: what he said / yelled at me or the fact that I let what he said get to me. :(

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