Friday, October 23, 2009

Bad News...

Got my blood work back and it's not good. Lipids AND sugars keep going up. My doctor is concerned. So, she's putting me on meds for both. On top of that, I have to check my blood sugar each day.

I'm not diabetic. My blood sugar levels are actually about 150, but a normal person's are under 120. So I'm pre-diabetic. I'm sad and angry at myself. I knew my sugars were high, but did nothing about it and chose to ignore it. Now it threatens my surgery date.

On top of that, my mom is so incredibly UNSUPPORTIVE of this whole thing. She doesn't want me to get the procedure and never has, but she doesn't understand. She's 5'2" and 110lb. She has no idea what I've gone through my entire life. She continues to think that by diet and exercise alone, I can lose the weight. Yes, mom, I can, but history shows that I can't keep it off.

When I told her about my test results she just said, "Well, sometimes you need a baseball bat to the head. And maybe this is a sign you should postpone the surgery indefinitely." Eff that. Sorry, mom.

Another thing: I found out that my parents have told their parents about my procedure. My grandparents are the Mouths of the South. They tell everyone everything they know. I just wish they could keep this within the immediate family. It's my news, my business, and my problem...not theirs.

Ugh. Complete frustration lately! Someone throw me a bone!


Lap Band It said...

I understand how that is about to tell or not to tell. Everyone I have told has been supportive probably because I'm only telling the people who I know will support me. Your Mom and Grandparents are from the old school of thought. Sorry to say but your weight problem could be the result of how you were raised and your environment. Try to stay away from negative people. This surgery will change your life. Good luck, Lap Bandit Girl :)

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