Thursday, December 16, 2010

I'm going to be published...

Not really, but that sounds nice, huh?

I ended up doing the article for the magazine. I really felt compelled to discuss what my experience has been like and they told me they could give me anonymity, which was nice.

Basically, the magazine is only for NJ doctors and the article is geared toward encouraging doctors who have patients who were banded elsewhere to use the place I go to in NJ. Me being one of those people who was banded elsewhere, they felt I would be a good resource for the article.

The interviewer asked me if I would be willing to speak to her daughter. She's one month out of surgery and is around my age and is having a hard time finding bandsters around her age. This surprised me. Many of you are within 5 years of me! However, I have noticed that support groups are generally older people. And that's no fun when you really want to get a younger person's perspective on how to deal with this life-changing decision.

On the personal band front, it's amazing what .6ccs will do to you. When I had .6cc more in my band the day before Thanksgiving, eating was very difficult and I ate many slider foods. Now having .6 cc taken out, I can eat just about anything (not that I should). When I go home to ATL, I'm going to have .1 or .2 put back in just to give me a bit of restriction. I mean, geez, I even ate sticky rice last night and that's no good!


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