Thursday, March 4, 2010

4th Fill

Today I had my fourth fill. Prior to today, I was at 6cc in a 10cc band. I wasn't sure I should even get a fill. I've lost 10lb since my fill about 2.5 weeks ago. I really didn't even think they'd give me one, but wanted to go in, anyway, to get my weight recorded and just see if they would be so kind.

So, the NP did give me a fill. She gave me .4cc. As I was drinking my water afterward, it was not going down. So I hopped back up on the table and she took out half (.2cc) and it went down okay! I was even able to drink a protein drink about an hour later and have some mashed potatoes around 1.

However, I did PB last night. Since I'm moving, I'm trying to see all my friends as many times as possible. So, Richard is in town and we went to Roaster's (think: really nice Boston Market). I ordered the veggie (ha!) plate and got broccoli & cauliflower, mashed potatoes, and green beans. It was going okaaaaay until I took too big of a bite of broccoli. I immediately knew I was in trouble and ran to the bathroom. Up it came! After that, I just asked for a to-go box and socialized :)

Today will probably be my last post before I get to NJ. The movers are coming tomorrow to load the truck! The packers were there today. Saturday I'll be on the road to NJ, but won't arrive until Sunday. Hopefully my stuff gets there around the 9th or else it will have no place to go! I don't sign the lease until then!


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