Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I'm getting so excited about getting banded. I wish it would be possible for me to get it sooner, but I can't. Boo on you, job.

Howeva, I have been working with my general dr. to begin to get off some of my pills, namely my Paxil. If anyone has ever taken any kind of medication that alters your mood / anxiety, you know how difficult it is to get off this stuff. I've been titrating down (decreasing my dosage) for several weeks now and still feel wierd. I call it "the zingers." I can feel my eyeballs moving in my head and it makes me nauseaus. I was supposed to 1/2 my 40 mg. pills for 2 weeks, but I'm almost at my 3rd week doing it just because I can't see myself going down to 10 mg just yet.

I'm so excited about tomorrow starts back up! Our practices are on Wednesday nights and I absolutely love my team. I haven't been able to play since April due to a foot injury so I missed the Summer season (but I'm okay with that because it's hotter than hell here) so I get to see all my chicas and exercise in a fun way!

I've also been taking Manolo, my dog, on 40 min. power walks. We did one on Sunday and one tonight when I got home from work. She needs to get her sniffs in and I need to get my heart pumpin. I look like a cow walking, but that's okay, I know that I won't for long!


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